How to build a large email list and audience from scratch in 2018

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Hey there, it’s Jay, today I’m going to show you how you can build an email list of 10,000 people in 12 months at 20 cents per lead.

The great thing about this method you are guaranteed subscribers every time you spend money.

Unlike other methods of advertising where you only pay per each click or impression.

I use a website called opt intelligence they offer CPL which means cost per lead.

You create an ad and people who want more information can opt into your email list opt intelligence then transfers the lead to you list via your autoresponders api.  This means you don’t need a landing page or even a website to get started.


Let’s get started

First you want to make an account at opt intelligence. Once you sign up you will be offered $25 free credit to get started. The catch is you need to add $25 so your first campaign will have $50 to work with.


This will get you 250 subscribers.


Once you have signed up and added your payment info you will need to setup your first ad.


Add your Campaign name

And add your offer name


Select a category

I’m going to select Work Opportunities as my Niche is Make money online and internet marketing.


Now in the target audience area select the countries you would like to show ads in. I suggest choosing tier one countries for best results. USA, Canada, Australia, UK


Choose the gender and age range


Now for the Data points you can choose what you need but the cost will go up the more you add.

To get the 20cent price select email only which is on by default.


To the right you can see the Pricing & Budget


For CPL Cost Per Lead put 0.20

Max daily budget select 5 this is so we don’t spend all of the budget in 1 day and can pause the ad if we need to make changes.


Tick I would like to set a Monthly Budget set the price your willing to spend each month here.


Click next at the bottom of the page.


Now your going to need and image for your ad at 120x60px


The max file size here is 50kb so your going to need to edit your photo before uploading.

I’m going to use one I’ve prepared earlier.


Now we need to add the ad copy I’ve already prepared my copy for this part. You want something that will catch their attention.


The Next section is the Link to your privacy policy if you don’t have one they will let you use their generic version.


The next step requires your autoresponder

I use mail chimp which requires the API and List ID which can be found in the login area of MailChimp.

For now we are going to select in a .csv I do recommend that you use an autoresponder to avoid manually importing your leads each week.


This last part gives a full overview of each area before you submit for approval.

Just click save and send for approval once you have checked over all your details.


This takes about 24 hours then you will start to see leads coming in at 20 cents each.


If you spend around $167 a month on this method you will build a list of 10,000 people in 12 months ready to buy your products.


Don’t forget this is cold traffic so you want to follow up with your subscribers over a few weeks and build repour before sending them any offers.


The best thing about email marketing is the fact you own the traffic you can broadcast your message to everyone and not have to worry about social networks or google limiting your reach.


What do you think of this method will you give it a go?


Tell me in the comments below…

Newbie Lessons Internet Marketing Videos

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